Affiliate Program Details

The Internet has been wildly successful at growing dedicated visitors, but few have been successful at generating significant revenue from those page views. The biggest sites make profitable advertising deals with the Subways and Budweisers of the world, while everyone else is left to fight over pennies from Google Ad Words.

Sports "picks" are the rare type of information that Internet visitors are willing to pay for. For example, the annual expenditure of each customer is more than $600! That's right, $600 generated on average from each & every customer, and since "picks" have no hard cost, we are able to offer $50 of premium picks free to each new customer as a powerful inducement to get started with zero risk.

The Affiliate Program offers a rare opportunity: a low-friction, high-yield approach to monetizing your Internet traffic - no matter if that traffic comes from a website, email list, Blog, or social network.

Avg annual spending at vs.

How much can I make?

Affiliates receive a generous 20% on the total spend of all customers they deliver (no limit). Considering the average customer spends $600 per year, affiliates make $120 per customer on average. In comparison, an engaged customer spends more money with in one day than he spends with in an entire year.  And by "lifetime" we mean lifetime - your efforts today can pay off for years to come.
If your audience has a high percentage of sports fans, you can be sure that many of them are sports bettors with a high interest in the information sold by

How to promote services its affiliate partners with the same hands-on passion that we service our customers.

  • Our master registration page is able to sense the source of the prospect, meaning that the special sign-up $50 credit and the name of your site is featured prominently.
  • Affiliates can promote to ANY page at and still be tracked with 100% certainty. Which means you can leverage all of the free daily content available at our site to generate clicks to (you'll receive emails updating you about our best current offerings). Since we've set the Commission Junction cookies to maximum duration, prospects that are not inclined to quick action are able to grow comfortable with over time, and once they feel comfortable enough to register they become your customer! Remember, since the cookies have the maximum life allowed, you will receive the maximum amount of your customer's total spend.
  • Pricing in the sports pick industry is generally standard, but our 10% monthly rebate and 20% in loyalty points (redeemable for valuable merchandise) lowers the customer's effective price (while being paid out of the end of the transaction).
  • provides streaming content to affiliates which can be displayed on your website, blog, or social network page. This content has tracked links, meaning that anyone who clicks through will be tracked to you. In fact, you could promote this way with zero daily effort. Plus, the added content will make your overall offerings all the more appealing, likely leading to your traffic increasing.
  • OPTIONAL: If you are interested in actually selling picks of your own, can provide the platform to do so. Your audience very well could have a high interest in your picks, which would lead to even more sales. By no means necessary, but for those so inclined, selling their own picks is an additional opportunity.

Make money promoting Picks

Can the tracking, reporting, and payment be trusted?

There are more than a few reasons the answer is undoubtedly YES!

  • Our cookies have the maximum length expiration date, which means once you get them to click you have the maximum opportunity to have them properly credited to you.
  • Our tracking and reporting platform is Commission Junction, quite simply one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the world.
  • Leakage is kept to an absolute minimum. Affiliates are paid on every dollar of every transaction (aided by the fact that we accept no phone or email orders). We've allow only a single outside advertiser (who's limited to less than 10% of our promotional inventory). Unlike nearly all our competitors, never links directly to any online sportsbook, focusing instead on the sale of premium content.
  • Chargebacks/Returns minimized by elite customer service plus the content provider's direct interaction with customers within the community.
  • Strict anti-parasite efforts

How do I get started?

Commission: 20% of customer's total spend
Platform: Commission Junction
Cookie Duration: Longest allowed by CJ (120 days)! Online Affiliate Program - .
Contact at or call 1-800-772-4263