Why Pregame.com Sells More For Affiliates?

Sports betting "picks" are the rarest form of information: the kind Internet visitors are willing to pay for! That said, most pick sites fall far short of their revenue potential due to 1) Customer doubts about their first purchase; 2) Short customer life-cycles.

What Pregame.com does to minimize customer doubts about their first purchase:

  • Pregame.com makes a customer's first purchase risk free (without requiring any obligation or credit cards). Typically, first-time buyers receive $25 to be spent any way they want at Pregame.com. Even better, first time buyers coming from affiliate partners receive double that amount ($50).
  • Pregame.com provide tons of free content (free picks, breaking news, tips & trends, lines & odds, betting percentage data, podcasts) plus community (forums, blogs) which allow prospective customers to grow comfortable with Pregame.com before making a financial commitment.
  • Pregame.com's unmatched endorsements from the biggest and most respected media companies in the world (see the amazing list) establishes an instant credibility and trust level no competitor can match.

Pregame.com has been featured on: WSJ, USA Today, ESPN, AOL, ABC New and more...

What Pregame.com does to lengthen our customer life-cycle:

  • We offer premium picks from 20+ high quality content providers, including many of the biggest names in the business. The quality of our handicappers ensures satisfaction with the purchased content. The wide selection ensures that some of our handicappers are always on win streaks, allowing customers a daily selection of "hot" handicappers to choose from.
  • The Pregame.com Customer Relationship Management platform is unmatched, indentifying and incentivizing customers who are losing and as a result buying less. These targeted customer retention efforts are one-of-a-kind and massively successful.
  • Our forums community establishes connections with customers which deters them from going elsewhere when mildly disgruntled from inevitable losing streaks.
  • The Pregame Rewards program provides a personalized Host to each customer: a) allowing customer complaints to be directly addressed; and b) allowing the host to tailor customized offerings.
  • The Pregame Rewards program provides a 10% rebate on all purchases, which can be spent on the customer's choice of premium picks beginning the first of the next month. This delayed rebate effectively incentives recently disengaged customers to reengage the first of each month, while positively reinforcing each purchase with details of rebate dollars earned.
  • The Pregame Rewards program provides loyalty points on all purchases, which can be redeemed for a wide selection of the world's most popular products. When redeemed, the customers do not lose their points, but rather climb the ladder to the next level of products; so, the more a customer buys, the more appealing his upcoming loyalty reward.

Just a few of the many prizes you can ear with Pregame.com Rewards

The efforts above are not simply a list, but rather one-of-a-kind programs that lead to the average Pregame.com customer to spend $600 per year (more than with any other pick seller). And remember, each extra $100 they spend is an additional $20 in your pocket!

Pregame.com minimizes customer doubts about their first purchase by offering a no-obligation $50 sample, and we lengthen the customer buying life-cycle through multi-faceted and persistent initiatives.

Commission: 20% of customer's total spend
Platform: Commission Junction
Cookie Duration: Longest allowed by CJ (120 days)!

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